CHAMPAGNE & STRAWBERRIES Laundry Soap 5# Cloth Bag

CHAMPAGNE & STRAWBERRIES Laundry Soap 5# Cloth Bag

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You probably do laundry in your old pj's or baggy, gray sweatpants, of course, not the good ones because they are in the washer. And even though your hair is piled high atop you head or tied back out of you face with a make-shift headband, you feel like a boss because your laundry soap is scented with champagne and strawberries.  You really can't get any fancier than that, not even if you nibble blini's and black truffe quiche for brunch at The Russian Tea Room. You are ultra-fabulous, and your laundry smells divine.

Our laundry soap leaves your clothes clean, lightly scented and softer than ever, no fabric softener needed. It will arrive at your home, in our new biodegradable and home compostable packaging, measuring cup included ready to clean 28-56HE loads of clothes.

If you would like the scent to linger...double your fragrance with a SCENT SHOT

Our natural laundry soap, clean is non-toxic, efficient and earth friendly. Made specifically for laundry, it is mixed with naturally occurring minerals and citrus to provide you with fresh, clean, laundry…Naturally.

~ HE machine compatible
~ Works great in any temperature
~ Safe for the environment and your septic system
~ Biodegradable and Phosphate Free, No sulfates
~ No fabric softener needed- clothes are soft without it
~ Perfect for sensitive skin and baby's laundry & cloth diapers.
~ Borax Free
~ Vegan

One tablespoon sized scoop cleans a large size load beautifully, whites come out nice and bright. Use 1/2 tbl. for high efficiency machines. For extra hard water try adding a 1/2 cup of vinegar in your rinse compartment for super soft clothes.

Try the natural way to do laundry.

Scented with essential oils, and/or phthalate free fragrance oils.