The other day I remembered how the stain stick came to be  It was after I had created our laundry soap, and after I re-formulated our laundry soap, so that it worked even better, it all started with a pair of pale pink Guess jeans.  They were so cute and had been past down at least once already when the unthinkable happened...a bowl of spaghetti.  Orange stains down both legs.  I washed them but, even my re-formulated laundry soap just lightened the stains. And of course, I dried them without checking to see if the stain had been removed.
Got to thinking...I use my bar soap to clean everything else around the house, will it remove a stain...hmmm.  I reformulated the bar soap and voila....the stain stick was born.
Rub it on and stains come out. Doesn't matter if it's been set in.  Just wet, rub and wash.  Some stains may need more rubbing but it's just that easy.  You don't even have to wash it right away.  Quick and easy.

People are always amazed. "It's just a bar of soap," they say.  No petrol-chemicals, no toxins, no sulfates, just good, clean soap.  You never thought that stain removal would be so inexpensive and efficient.  We have our imitators but, there is really only one Original Black Kettle Laundry Stain Stick.

Stain Stick Reviews:

"I wanted to wait until I used this to leave feedback. It arrived very quickly and the best news is that it effectively got rid of a stain that I'd had trouble with in the past (that had not come out with other inferior products). Great product! "

"This stain stick is absolutely awesome. It has proven itself over and over again by taking hard stains (grease, grass, blood) out of white's. Great product!"

"Love it! I was looking for stains to try it out and got to use it to get grape juice out of a white t-shirt and it worked great! Thanks!"

"This is a wonderful product, I have a little grandbaby in the house that spits up after his bottle, I used this already today when washing his clothes and it works wonderfully. No dangerous chemicals, natural earth friendly solution to fighting stains. Thank you for the fast shipping, great customer service and exceptional product, I will be back!"

"Amazing! I was waiting until I had a nasty stain to treat until I left feedback. This little stick got out a greasy black tire stain from my husbands khaki's. I will definitely be back for more of this amazing stain lifter!"

"I was surprised how quickly this came in the mail considering that it is Christmas time. I just tried out the stick on some set in stains and it definitely met my expectations. Thank you very much. I will return to repurchase."

"Easy to use and worked like magic! Thank you for making such an awesome product!"

"I'm amazed how well this works. I'll definitely order again."

"This little stick took out a stain that had been set for months!"

"I loved my laundry stain stick so much I ordered this one for my daughter-in-law!" ~ Cyndi 

All reviews pasted from my Etsy feedback.

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