How have you been able to keep your sunny disposition during this crisis?

Meeting the needs of a large family with four children still at home is not easy. One of the things that we needed was a new car. I was finally able to purchase that vehicle. I have not purchased a new car in years. My preference is for cash cars but, this time I decided to treat myself and get something new.

Skip to week 2. There is a large, scratched area on the front bumper of my car. Someone must have hit it while it was parked in front of my house. So, I had a brand new “looking” car for all of 2 weeks. Now, there I was trying to combat all the negative thoughts. Why can’t I have anything nice? How much is this going to cost to fix? (The answer to that question is $2000, by the way.) In the meanwhile, my children are in the car with me watching to see what my reaction will be. I decided that I was not going to let someone else’s behavior dictate my mood and how my day was going to go. I decided that I would continue happily with my day and enjoy the little time that I do have to spend with my family.

This year has been a bit “different” and there have been so, so many changes. It is easy to get disheartened by the difficult situations that are occurring around us daily. Sometimes you must be determined to rise above it all and find your "happy place". Find joy in the people and activities that you love. By no means is it always easy but it is a particularly important part of reducing the stress in your life and taking care of yourself.

I am thankful that today that I can enjoy what I do have. I wish that I could have learned this lesson much earlier in life. You may not have control over the world swirling around you but, you can choose you have joy in less than perfect situations. 

Staying Thankful.

 Photo Credit: Magdalena Smolnicka

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