2019 Started off with a bang!

This is our first blog post of this year. It is also our first blog post on our new online platform. A funny thing happened, well maybe it's not really that funny at all. On January 1st our website shut down.

Our domain name renews itself every year on the 31st of December. This year there was a glitch and we were not able to connect our domain name wit our Pattern by Etsy website. We were down for whole 10 days. Etsy was no help at all. We finally made the decision to switch to the Shopify platform. We put together an impromptu website in 1 day. Being able to build a decent website that quickly says a lot about how easy it is to use Shopify.

It's still a work in progress because we were not planning on building out a new website this year but, it's coming together. It's so much better than the old one. There are just so many useful features that we will be able to add to create a much better shopping experience for customers. No more free shipping codes …yea!

You will be able to subscribe to some of our products in the future. We have better analytics and my favorite feature by far is the integration. It works with all of my other software to make my life a little easier. I love it.

Even though we ended up here under less than perfect circumstances, I'm glad we made the switch. I would never go back.


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