WS Sweet Orange & Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Cleaner

WS Sweet Orange & Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Cleaner

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Give us your toughest dirt, grease and grime...

Formulated for spray and wipe cleaning with minimal effort.
Simply spray and wipe with a damp cloth or wet brush. Our cleaner does not contain vinegar, so no disgusting vinegar smell. It is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Our specially formulated cleansing soap combined with the power of carefully crafted, pure essential oils really do most of the work for you. The amazing scents left behind are just an added bonus.

Great for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and more.

NO Detergents/Surfactants
NO Harsh Chemicals
NO Parabens
Non-toxic & Biodegradable
Naturally Antibacterial
Scented with Pure Essential Oils

1 - 16-ounce Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Ingredients: distilled water, vegan liquid soap, essential oils, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (preservative), may contain polysorbate 20.