MINIMIZE Raspberry Clay Mask

MINIMIZE Raspberry Clay Mask

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Harness the power of nature. Our raspberry mask will nourish your skin with nutrient rich raspberries and honey. The rose clay offers gentle exfoliation, minimizes pores and calms inflamed skin. The red raspberry oil helps reduces water loss and maintains skin's youthful appearance.

ROSE CLAY gets it's color from iron oxide. minimizes pores and provides gentle exfoliation.

RASPBERRY POWDER antioxidant, source of vitamin C, astringent, tightens the look of pores

RASPBERRY SEED OIL anti inflammatory, source of vitamin E, rich in essential fatty acids, improves skins appearance

HONEY moisturizes and nourishes skin

Ingredients: kaolin clay, rose clay, raspberry powder, honey powder, carrageenan, raspberry oil.

This package can make 3 clay mask.

Directions: mix 1 tsp mask with 1 tsp water or add until desired consistency. you can also substitute water with milk, yogurt, honey, or another liquid of your choosing. apply the clay mask on a freshly washed face. apply the mask evenly all over the face, neck and décolleté. leave on no more than 10 minutes. remove mask with a wet wash cloth. stare at your gorgeous clean face for the next 2 minutes (optional).