You don’t have to be a “crunchy mama” to enjoy lined dried clothes.  They smell so fresh, and who doesn’t like saving money. Everyone needs a little relief from high summer energy bills.  With regular detergents you can get stiff as a board towels, scratchy sheets and jeans that can stand in the corner by themselves. If you like to line dry, our laundry soap can keep your crunchy clothes soft even without a good breeze. 

The natural softening power of a soap-based laundry powder means the fabric in your clothes is being conditioned and softened as you wash them.  Not only does this reduce the daily wear-and-tear on your clothes but it also makes them super soft and cuddle friendly. As a person who (I am a little ashamed to admit), sometimes chooses their clothes by degree of softness, I can appreciate a good cuddle factor.   

If softness is your thing, even when line drying, ditch that commercial laundry detergent.  Try out our products in the Laundry Room