Exfoliation...Exfoliation...Exfoliation! This is my new beauty mantra.  We have the Egyptians to thank for the practice of ridding oneself of the surface layer of skin, revealing a beautiful, youthful, new layer underneath.  

You never really know just how much dead dry skin You have until you remove it.  Exfoliate when your skin is super hydrated then the dead skin is removed easily without using too much pressure, which can cause skin damage.  End result...smooth, polished, clean skin.

Sugars cubes are a wonderful way to exfoliate naturally.  The sugar actually releases small amounts of glycolic acid, a very mild chemical exfoliant. Our sugar cube scrub is a mixture of soap and Shea butter so your skin is cleansed and simultaneously moisturized in one step.  Follow up with your favorite lotion for effortless beauty.


Lemonade + Tonic Sugar Cube Scrub