I love using products with less chemicals and more natural ingredients but...I also like products that work and do what they say, they will do. 

We used to be children's clothing manufacturers and had quite a few children's boutiques as customers. Sometimes we would barter clothes for all of the fun stuff for the girls. I remember when California Baby bubble bath had just come out. We were so excited, two of our girls had eczema and this was supposed to be gentle and sensitive...great for the skin. It even had a bubble wand. The girls were going to love it. 

I ran the water into the tub and poured in the capful of bubbles. Hardly any bubbles formed. I agitated the water, tried to work some bubble magic but, still no bubbles. By the time the girls got in the tub the few bubbles that we did conjure up had long since dissipated.  I ended up just letting them use the wand to blow their own bubbles.  Our exciting bubble bath experience turned out to be just an overpriced bubble blowing solution.

Maybe it was hard water? Not a chance. We had just moved into a new home and it was new construction. If you have ever moved into a new housing subdivision, you know that every Tom, Dick and Harry shows up at your door trying to sell you something. And not just Avon and Girl Scout Cookies but huge items like, decks and swimming pools. We had caved in to the water softener sales crew. Our home was an oasis of treated water and reverse osmosis filters.  

Bubble baths are supposed to make bubbles. The very name implies that I am to have bubbles, in my bath. So, when I purchase an item that is called bubble bath and get no bubbles then, I am exteremely disapointed. This is the main reason why I make sure our products do what they say they will.  If it is a bubble bath, then it must have lots of bubbles. It should make bubbles in any tub, big or small. It shouldn't matter if you have high or low water pressure or didn't splurge on that high falutin' water softener.

We have sourced the gentlest ingredient available in this moment of time that will still perform to our bubblicous expectations. We believe in bubbles and we want to provide you with not just your run of the mill bath time bubbles but a Rockstar, Hollywood bubble bath experience.

If you would like to share some of your, "It seemed like a good idea at the time," moments, we would love to hear them.